Topaz: The fiery stone of strength

November is here and with it comes the exquisite topaz stone. While topaz comes in a variety of colors, for November’s birthstone the golden variation is used.  The origins of it’s name can be traced back to the Sanskrit word tapas which means fire. This spectacular gemstone was believed to help those who suffered with insomnia. Topaz is also believed to increase the wearer’s strength and intellect, while calming anger and balancing strong emotions.  During the 19th century, the mines in the Ural Mountains in Russia were the leading source for Topaz and the light red-orange-yellow variation was named Imperial Topaz. At that time in order to own a piece of Imperial Topaz you had to be a member of the royal family. Nowadays topaz is mined in many countries including Brazil, Mexico, Afghanistan & Sri Lanka! 

MILAMORE’s Topaz Pieces

Topaz is an abundant stone with a delightful yellow hue. With energy of the sun, this stone is sure to uplift your mood and elevate joy. MILAMORE’s Birthstone Collection features a one-of-a-kind stone setting meant to highlight the precise cut of your VS class stone. This Birthstone necklace is a classic piece of jewelry to gift or add to your collection!

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