AQUAMARINE: The Soothing Stone

Aquamarine is the official birthstone of March! The stone is most recognizable by its high clarity and transparency and blue to slightly greenish blue hues. The stone’s colors mimic the tidal waves of the ocean, and was thought to keep sailors safe at sea giving the stone it’s namesake, ‘Aquamarine’.

The Science

Aquamarine belongs to the stone variety known as ‘beryls‘, alongside other notable stones like emerald and pezzottaite. Beryls are known for their hexagonal crystal formations and can grow multiple meters wide. Beryls typically fall between  7.5 – 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.


Aquamarine can be found in countries like Afghanistan, China, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia, Mozambique, the  UnitedStates,Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, SriLanka, Malawi, India, Zimbabwe, Australi, Myanmar, and Namibia. The state of Minas Gerais is a major source for aquamarine.

Aquamarine can mostly be found in granite pegmatites. Aquamarine can also be found in veins of metamorphic rocks that became mineralized by hydrothermal activity.



Alongside being the official birthstone of March, Aquamarine is the stone for 19th marriage anniversaries and the state gemstone of Colorado!

Aquamarine is thought to be a stone that brings calmness, wisdom, and clarity to those around it. This is most likely due to its translucent nature, and calming light-blue tones. It is also thought to be a stone of protection, a belief that dates back for centuries. The gemstone was often worn by sailors as it was believed that it would help to bring them safely home. The gemstone also has a history of being used for Japanese miniature sculptures known as “Netsuke” which originated in 17th century Japan.


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