Peridot, August’s Stone of Harmony

August’s birthstone is Peridot which is known for its bright and vibrant green color and was favored especially in the Edwardian Era. This exquisite stone has been highly popular with British royalty for many decades. King Edward VII favored this sparkling stone as his favorite gemstone.

Tis Peridot tiara, pictured above, was originally crafted in the 1820s for Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg. It is most associated with Princess Isabella of Cro , who married Archduke Friedrich, grandson of Henrietta.

Peridot has been said to promote harmony, peacefulness, and good health. Connected to the Heart Chakra, Peridot is believed to give renewal, calm down anger, and free the mind of jealousy. It also believed to assist with symptoms of depression and promote restful sleep. Peridot is also known as a stone of good health, creativity, and harmonious relationships.

MILAMORE’s Peridot Necklace celebrates the month of August and is featured in our Birthstone Collection. The necklace has a one-of-a-kind stone setting meant to highlight the precise cut of your VS class Peridot stone. This Birthstone necklace is a classic piece of jewelry to gift or add to your collection.
Enjoy the hue of this lovely green stone!


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